Industry Projects

1. ECG Telemetry System:

Final Year B.Tech Project at NITK, Surathkal. It was carried out in association with Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India.

This project won the Robert Bosch Best Project award 2007-08 (See here). It was also selected to represent the institute for Agilent Engineering and Technology Awards 2008.

Project Team: Ajay S, Sagar N, Sharanappa C Ijeri - Dept.of ECE, NITK Surathkal

Project Advisors: Dr. U Sripati, Asst. Professor, Dept. of ECE, NITK Surathkal and Mr. Chandrashekar Padubidri, Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab, Bangalore

Duration: July 2007 to April 2008

Abstract: ECG telemetry system (ECG-TS) is a remote health care system for continuous patient monitoring. It is designed to be capable of measuring 3 channel Electrocardiogram from a patient, process it, encode it, store it in digital format and transmit it to the nearest monitoring base station for further processing and action. The system could also be designed to indicate certain medical emergency conditions by analyzing the ECG obtained and convey it to the base station. The device designed is portable, easy to use and inconspicuous. The ECG signal is recorded from 3 differential leads(3 channels) of the 12 lead ECG measurement system using four custom made wet metal plate electrodes (LA, RA, LL and RL). The ECG signal is processed using an instrumentation amplifier, a bandpass filter(0.2Hz - 125Hz) and a bias circuit. It is then sampled at 500Hz using ATMEGA16 microcontroller with ADC. The power line 50 Hz noise in ECG samples is filtered using a 4th order digital fixed point LMS based adaptive filter implemented on the controller. The samples from 3 channels are interleaved and transmitted to the base station through a GSM/GPRS modem. The microcontroller communicates with the modem using the RS232 serial interface. The system also provides a user interface using a 16x2 LCD display for better usability. The user identification is presently through SIM card. ECG-TS operates on a 9V battery pack and is a low power, low cost mobile device targeted at the Indian healthcare needs.