Travelling and visiting places is my favorite pastime. The sea and the mountains are my favorite.

I like diving and sailing. I also like trekking. I have trekked in the Sar Pass of Himalayas. I have trekked at various places in Western Ghats of Karnataka. I am member of the Youth Hostels Association of India. I participate in their programmes regularly.

Travel becomes a double favorite if done in a train. I love train journeys in India because trains represent the face of Indian life. I am also a part of the Indian Railway Fan Club Association (IRFCA). You can visit the IRFCA site if interested. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and Kalka Shimla Railway are my favorite trains. The Konkan railway route from Mangalore to Mumbai and the train route through the western ghats from Bangalore to Mangalore are two rail-routes I like the most.

Here is a map of my travels so far!