This page describes the projects I have undertaken so far. Please use the links in the left for more details.

The following is the list of projects.

Industry Projects:

    • B.Tech Final project: ECG Telemetry System

    • Development of auto piloting system for helicopter engine test bed

    • Octave Band Analyzer

Academic Projects at UPF

    • Sawaal-Jawaab with Tabla bols

    • Ragawise

Academic Projects at IISc:

    • Detection of Tumors and Masses in Medical Images

    • Compression of multi-channel ECG using transform coding and prediction

    • Spatiotemporal EEG Information Transfer in an episode of Epilepsy

    • Emotional Speech Characterization

    • Adaptive Binarization Techniques in C

    • Music Synthesis Techniques on TMS320C6416 DSK

Academic Projects at NITK:

    • Benchmarking FFTW library on Pentium D Processor

    • Spread Spectrum Digital Audio Watermarking

    • 8 bit unsigned array multiplier - Design and Layout

    • Data EPABX System

    • Simple Image Processor

    • Music Synthesizer and Harmonics Injector

    • Automatic Water temperature level Display and Control