Musical Fountain

Musical Fountains fascinate me. In a musical fountain, art and engineering come together to create a piece of beauty. An aesthetically designed fountain and a controller together can create a symphony with water.

I have enjoyed designing controller and fountains. I had designed a musical fountain for Symphony 2008 at NITK Surathkal. I wished to recreate the splendor in my backyard and I built a musical fountain in my backyard (July 2009). A few glimpses of this musical fountain can be seen below and here.


The entire fountain setup with the nozzles, lights, solenoid valves, local reservoir, pump, and the tank

Snapshot of the fountain with all the jets and lights on

The fountain has the following nozzles (listed from outer most to inner)

  1. Four Jet Nozzles

  2. Plain small jet nozzles

  3. Four Bell Nozzles

  4. Four small flower nozzles

  5. One large flower nozzle

The controller on a bread board showing the amplifier, filter bank, and the ATMEGA 16 microcontroller. Relays are not shown.

Block Diagram of the fountain and the controller