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May 2016
: We organized a Summer School on Music Science and Technology Research (MuSTeR), 2016 at IISc, Bangalore.

Mar 2014:
 Gundecha Brothers are visiting Barcelona for a workshop and a concert on 19th June 2014.

Mar 2014: I will be presenting two papers at ICASSP 2014 in May 2014 at Florence, Italy

Dec 2013: The third CompMusic workshop focusing primarily on Carnatic Music will be held on 13-14 Dec, 2013 in Chennai.

July 2013: I will be in Genova, Italy participating in the Galata Electroacoustic Orchestra Intensive Program (GEO-IP) from 15-26 July 2013. A glimpse of the concert can be seen here.

June 2013: We have two concerts of Indian Art Music in Barcelona on 19th and 21st June, 2013. For more details, see and Update: A blogpost on the CompMusic website is here:

November 8-9, 2012: MTG, UPF hosted the MusicBrainz summit

October 8-12, 2012: I was at Porto for ISMIR 2012. It was my first ISMIR and it was good to meet the MIR community around the world. I presented a paper on Chord recognition using Duration-explicit HMMs. CompMusic had a very good presence at ISMIR 2012. 

August 28, 2012: I gave a talk at the ECE Dept., IISc, Bangalore about my work in the past year. It was titled "The Art, Science, and Engineering of Music". Here is a link to the video

September 6, 2012: I gave a talk at Microsoft Research about my work in the past year. It was titled "Can Machines learn Indian Classical Music". Here is a link to the video.

July 12-13, 2012: 2nd CompMusic workshop at Istanbul. I presented two papers at the workshop. The presentation videos are below. 

2nd CompMusic Workshop, Istanbul, July 2012

2nd CompMusic Workshop, Istanbul, July 2012

April 17, 2012: GrOOveID, the real time groove recognition and visualization system was a part of Listening Machines 2012. 

GrOOveID @ Listening Machines 2012

Feb 16-17, 2012: Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition at GTCMT showcased innovative ways in music participation through novel musical instruments and interfaces. See

6th Dec 2011: Here's something you can Tok! about... A collaborative percussive music app for iPhone. Get ready to tap your phones!
The phone sounds good, literally...

Let's Tok!

4th September 2011WiSSAP-2012 will be held in IISc, Bangalore from 6th January to 9th January, 2012. The focus of this WiSSAP is CASA (Computational Auditory Scene Analysis). Fore more details, visit 

17th April 2011
: I will be going to Georgia Tech for a Ph.D in Music Technology starting Fall 2011. I will be joining the Music Intelligence Group led by Prof. Parag Chordia at the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology. 

12th December 2010: The 77th Akhila Bharatha Kannada Sahitya Sammelana will be held between 4th February and 6th February, 2011 at the National College Grounds, Basavanagudi, Bangalore. The sammelana has come to Bangalore after a long time. The event will be chaired by Prof. G. Venkatasubbaiah.

5th November 2010WiSSAP (Winter School on Speech and Audio Processing) - 2011, will be held in IIT Guwahati from 8th January to 11th January, 2011. The main focus of this WiSSAP is Speech Enhancement. For more details, see here. I am looking forward to this event. The last two WiSSAPs I attended were informative and insightful. 

20th October 2010: I am going sailing in Goa from 18-24 December, 2010. The sailing camp is being organized by YHAI, Goa state branch.  

5th Sep 2010: Happy Teachers' Day! World's first ever Sanskrit Book Fair will be held in Bangalore from Jan 7-10, 2011 More details here

22nd August 2010: I completed the Landmark Advanced Course. It was an amazing experience. 

20th July 2010: I would be visiting Makuhari, Japan from September 26-30, 2010 to present my paper at INTERSPEECH 2010

12th July 2010: I joined GE Global Research as an Edison Engineer.